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Olympic Game Farm is located about 1.5 hour drive from Seattle in Sequim, WA, on Olympic Peninsula. They have all sorts of animals retired either from the circuses or the movie industry. It is a driving safari and you get to buy loafs of bread at the gate that you can then feed to the animals. You are supposed to be moving at all times but people do pause, although it can mean trouble when animals start poking their heads inside the car and chew on the door handles or worse. It is a great deal of fun and I highly recommend a visit if you ever find yourself in Seattle. It is a pretty drive and you do get to ride on a ferry and see beautiful scenery along the way.

I tried my best to get some shots from the recent visit to the farm but it proved to be rather hard as every pause meant a giant animal head poking inside and demanding to be fed.

Bears, of course, do not wander around.They are very friendly and some of them perform tricks. Elks, on the other hand, can be pretty menacing, and you can see an angry elk in these pictures. She did not like that we were not willing to feed her all of our bread. And who would in their right mind when there were buffalo waiting for us ahead and with those beasts you'd better have some bread saved or else...

Deer were much tamer than elks but still plenty of fun.

The craziest thing was a little chicken which upon seeing our car ran at us at full speed and then disappeared under the vehicle. We were concerned for a few seconds as we did not want to run him over. That was all the time he needed to come from behind and suddenly jump onto the edge of the window scaring the daylights out of us.

Where's the buffalo you wonder? Well, seeing how one of them started to chew on our car right away and others were trying to shove their giant heads into our laps, I said to my wife to forget about photos and just get us out of there...

And, yes, we did go to the car wash right away after the farm...
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